About Miss Tee Lane

Who is Miss Tee Lane?

Miss Tee Lane AKA Miss T. hales from the infamous Compton, California. This clever author, began writing poetry and short stories as a teenager. Her writing became an outlet from the chaos she was facing at home. So, she turned to her creative side. She now finds strength within herself through her writing, and writes daily.

The talented author was inspired to write the romance novel Seductive Dreams by a series of unexpected events in her own marriage. Now, as a divorcee, she uses her writing to become triumphant over personal mole hills and battles. Miss T. aims to touch the seductive sides of both men and women, while bringing them gratification through reading graphic, yet seductive tones.


Miss Tee Lane’s Works

Miss T. is the author of the romance series Seductive Dreams.

Seductive Dreams: The Prophecy Begins (Part I). Fans raved about the romance, luxury, excitement and drama, that went down in this first part of the planned series. Now, she’s proud to announce the upcoming sequel, Seductive Dreams: The Prophecy Continues (Part II), which Re launched on March 1, 2018.

Miss Tee Lane was born in Inglewood, California. She was raised in the infamous City of Compton. This amazing author currently spends her free-time writing and continuing her spiritual journey. She has many more romance novels, autobiographies, comic strips and more. So, stay tuned!